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Who are we?

Producer and DJ Duo: utope

We, Andri & Niels, also known as Utope are two high school friends who started to make music in 2017. We both are born in 2001 and from Switzerland. Our music is best described as melodic dance pop. The songs we put out were already released on many different labels such as Soave, TGR Music and Casual Jam Records. Much of the music was created whilst studying full time (Niels: Physical Therapy, Andri: Computer Science). Niels is also a professional acrobat with performances shown in national swiss and german television. One recent success of Andri was reaching 100 million views on his music TikToks/Reels. We are now also active as a DJ Duo, playing on various student parties at our universities. Opening the stage for Felix Jaehn and Biscits at renowned swiss clubs were some of our highlights so far. With much passion and ambition, we are both looking forward to more adventures ahead.

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